Reptiles and amphibians at CITES CoP18: Stronger protection from over-exploitation

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Ceratophora stoddarti (c) Jordi Janssen | Monitor

By Jordi Janssen, Monitor In the months leading up to the Conference of the Parties (CoP) of the Convention of the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which concluded in Geneva, Switzerland, on Aug 28th 2019, Monitor published several reports and scientific articles highlighting trade in Sri Lankan endemic reptiles, the Union Island Gecko Gonatodes … Read More

Millions of Tokay Geckos Are Taken From the Wild Each Year. International Protection Could Help Save Them

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tokay gecko looking at camera

Tokay Gecko (c) Christian Gloor

Indonesia raised its captive and export quotas for this over-exploited species, just as new international regulations are about to be discussed.  August 14, 2019 – by Chris R. Shepherd, Vincent Nijman and Jordi Janssen A popular reptile often found in pet stores is also one of the most heavily traded wildlife species on the planet — perhaps even more than … Read More

European Union key player in trafficking of Sri Lankan reptiles

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Indian Star Tortoise trafficked in cardboard box

Indian Star Tortoises (c) Stephen Hogg | Wildtrack Photography

Increasing evidence of organised trafficking on Sri Lankan reptiles has been found, with the European Union (EU) being in the spotlight as a key destination. The Netherlands, 1 May 2019 – A new study, carried out by Monitor Conservation Research Society in collaboration with a prominent Sri Lankan herpetologist, highlights the ongoing trafficking of protected reptiles from Sri Lanka.  Published … Read More