Please help us end the illegal trade in bears in Southeast Asia


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Asian Black bear © Chris R Shepherd | Monitor

The demand for traditional medicines and other products derived from bear parts continues to drive the poaching of bears in Southeast Asia. Further, bears are captured illegally for the pet market, fueled by the convenience of social media platforms that allow for such illegal transactions. The trade in bears, their parts and products in Southeast Asia must end.

Please support Monitor in our efforts to continue investigating the illegal trade in bears, their parts and products, with the aim of supporting enforcement efforts in Southeast Asia, and ultimtely putting an end to this illegal trade. Based on our fiindings, we will continue to lobby for strengthened domestic legislation and policies, especially where loopholes allow for the trade in bears to flourish. Evidence-based peer-reviewed publications will form the basis of these activities. The project includes targeted awareness and concern-raising actions for consumer groups and traditional medicine practitioners. We will also be encouraging the public in key countries to get involved, reporting instances of poaching, trafficking and illegal possesion to already established wildlife crime hotlines.

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