The illegal trade in Black Crested Macaques


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Black Crested Macaque © Coke & Som Smith |

Goal: To eliminate illegal international trade in Black Crested Macaques

Summary: Endemic to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, this Critically Endangered primate is in decline due to habitat loss and degradation, hunting and trade for wildmeat and pet trade. Ignorance, and a resulting lack of action, is among the greatest obstacles we face in the fight against species extinctions. It is amongst the most researched primates in Indonesia, but very little is known of the illegal trade dynamics. Anecdotal information suggests that it is being illegally captured for the international pet trade, specifically to the Philippines. But with insufficient information, it is difficult to catalyse conservation action.

Project: To compile and analyse information on the illegal trade in the Black Crested Macaque. As both Indonesia and the Philippines are Party to CITES, and are engaged in regional initiatives to end illegal trade in wildlife, the stage is set for eliminate the illegal international trade in this species. The project will determine the extent of trade in Black Crested Macaques in the Philippines, including documenting the trade routes and trafficking techniques used, and the existing counter-trafficking legislation and initiatives. The results of this study will be used to catalyse actions, together with the Asian Species Action Partnership* to prevent trafficking of this species to the Philippines, and to initiate actions to counter illegal wildlife trade between the Philippines and Indonesia.

*The Asian Species Action Partnership (known as ASAP) is an IUCN initiative established to catalyse actions to save Southeast Asia’s Critically Endangered species from extinctions. Monitor is an ASAP partner.

Duration: 6 months

Funds needed: USD $ 6500

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