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The illegal trade in wildlife is pushing an increasing number of species closer to the brink of extinction every day. Wildlife is poached and trafficked for a wide range of purposes; to feed the demand for traditional medicine, dining delicacies, meat subsistence, ornaments, decorations, skins, leather, live pet and zoo collections, as well as magic talismans.

While the decline in some species such as tigers, elephants and rhinos are reasonably well-documented, lesser-known species that are also traded illegally are often overlooked. These species are at even higher risk because of their less charismatic status in the eyes of the public. Cornerstone to our approach is giving these lesser-known species groups greater attention.


White-headed Munias © Jordi Janssen | Monitor

By investigating illegal wildlife trade trends at national and international levels, advising authorities on policy and conservation interventions, and creating awareness amongst consumers, Monitor aims to play a decisive role in the eradication of illegal and unsustainable songbird trade. Among our species groups of concern are songbirds, hornbills, tortoises and freshwater turtles, skinks and geckoes.

Apart from species-centric projects, Monitor devotes special attention to issues of conservation concern such as bogus captive breeding claims used to circumvent wildlife trade regulations, and implementation and enforcement of national laws and international conventions.

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