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Illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade is a major threat for a growing list of species worldwide.



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looking out for the underdogs

We focus on lesser-known species and issues in wildlife trade, filling a niche that is often overlooked. While the status of iconic species are documented and receive a certain degree of attention, lesser-known, or in some cases, virtually unknown species that are traded are often at heightened risk.

“Everyone should have at least one meaningful battle to fight in life. Mine happens to be unsustainable and illegal wildlife trade. Pick a cause, and fight for it – don’t wait for someone else to fight the battles that need to be fought.”

– Dr. Chris R. Shepherd, Executive Director, Monitor.

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Our work would be impossible without the support of our donors and partners. Your contribution enables us to carry out invaluable research into issues and species that would otherwise escape attention.

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Citizen conservation starts with learning about issues and sharing that knowledge, from our scientific publications and our campaign outreach materials. Spread the message through your social media networks and more.

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How you can help

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