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Illegal Wildlife Trade:
Challenges at the Global Scale

Dr Chris R. Shepherd gives an overview of the illegal wildlife trade, with a focus on challenges and its eradication on a global scale at the Biology Society of South  Australia.

The bigger picture

Endangered Species: Bringing back from the Brink

Dr Chris R. Shepherd on Monitor’s work on conserving species on the brink, highlighting research on often overlooked and lesser-known species that are also traded illegally on BFM Radio.

Hosted by

The War on Wildlife Project

Checking in with Boyd Leupen, Monitor Conservation Research Society


Boyd Leupen discusses the trade in wild birds, with a special focus on the Asian songbird crisis.

Hosted by

CBC Radio 

Big Lake in the Cariboo seems like a strange place to run an international organization against wild animal smuggling, but that’s what’s happening. Chris Shepherd is the founder and executive director.

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